pediatric dentist in Manhattan

Pediatric Dentistry in Manhattan

We welcome patients of all ages to our Midtown NYC dental practice — even the youngest members of your family. Dr. Chavez has small twins of his own, so he knows how challenging it can be to get kids to brush their teeth. Just because dad is a dentist doesn’t make it any easier! 

Kids Love Visiting Our Office! 

We’ve made our Manhattan office so kid-centric because we understand that it is virtually impossible to get a wiggly active child to behave as an adult would at the dentist. We provide headphones to watch tv, and every kid loves to dig through our treasure chest of toys. 

Manhattan dentist Dr. Chavez loves to involve kids in their exams. He shows them the instruments he is going to use and explains what each is for. Then, if your child wants to, Dr. Chavez shows them how to use the instrument to clean their teeth. Suddenly, a teeth cleaning is something fun! (We secretly believe that Dr. Chavez is so good with children because he is a big kid himself.) 

We focus on fun, friendliness, and sharing knowledge during your child’s dental visits. Children are naturally curious, and we’re always happy to walk them through the different parts of their cleaning or other dental work.

Blue Line: A Laid-back Atmosphere for the Whole Family in Manhattan

Another way to get children accustomed to the idea of visiting the dentist is to bring them early and often. If possible, bring them to our office long before they ever have their first exam with us. When a child tours our office and meets everyone on staff a few times, they become comfortable and gain confidence. Our Manhattan dental office begins to feel like a safe space. 

Some families even schedule their cleanings simultaneously so that their younger children can observe their parents and siblings having their exams. This way, the child begins to think of dental visits as something normal that everyone does. Not scary at all! Make coming to the dentist a couple of times a year a regular part of life, and your child’s oral health and comfort with dentistry will benefit.

Many people think that baby teeth aren’t as important to care for as adult teeth, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only does establishing oral health routines in childhood help to ensure a healthy smile for a lifetime, but it also helps to prevent damage to the gums or other health problems that can affect your child. According to the American Dental Association, your child’s first visit to the dentist should take place after their first tooth appears, but no later than their first birthday. 

But what if it’s long past their first tooth and your child hasn’t been to the dentist? That’s ok! We realize how tough it can be to juggle schedules and to get your child to the dentist.

We hope to treat all the members of your family for a lifetime, so give us a call today to schedule your child’s first appointment with us in Manhattan or ask about a good time to come in for an office tour.

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