Botox injections in Manhattan

Botox in Manhattan

Did you know that Botox injections are an incredibly effective treatment for headaches associated with TMJ Disorder, and bruxism? 

TMJ Disorder, bruxism (unconsciously grinding of the teeth or clenching of the jaw), and headaches often go together and can become a vicious circle. Do you have a headache because you are clenching your jaw? Or are you clenching your jaw because your head hurts? 

Thankfully, you don’t need to suffer anymore. While there are multiple treatment options for TMJ and bruxism at our Manhattan dental office, Botox injections are the quickest and the most minimally invasive.

Dr. Chavez injects Botox into the affected muscle, which blocks the signal between the muscle and the brain. No signal, no clenching, no pain! And there is no recovery period. You can go back to work or straight to a dinner engagement immediately after receiving Botox injections.  

Before botox in Manhattan
After Manhattan botox

Cosmetic Dentistry and Botox in Manhattan 

Botox also has the added benefit of enhancing your smile by softening the lines around your lips and eyes. Gummy smiles, which could only be treated previously with surgery, can now be remedied with a few Botox injections. Sometimes these changes are permanent, but if you continue to clench after the Botox has worn off, you may need another round of injections. 

Botox can have both medical and cosmetic benefits. If you’re curious about whether Botox can benefit you, please book a consult with Manhattan dentist Dr. Chavez to discuss your options. We’re always happy to discuss how we can help to improve your health. 

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