tooth extractions in Manhattan

Dentures in Manhattan

Traditional dentures from our Manhattan dental office are prosthetic devices that serve as false teeth. They are retained in the mouth by passive retention, meaning that they are not fixed permanently in the mouth and must be held in place by pastes or adhesives. The wearer can remove them at any time. 

Before Manhattan dentures
After dentures in Manhattan
Before Manhattan NYC dentures
After dentures in Manhattan NYC
Before manhattan dentures
After dentures in manhattan
Before midtown manhattan dentures
After dentures in midtown manhattan

Dentures can replace all or some of your teeth. They are beneficial because they allow you to chew and talk normally and support your facial muscles and tissues of the mouth. 

Manhattan dentist Dr. Chavez offers both traditional dentures and implants in Midtown Manhattan. He will discuss all your options with you so that you can decide what’s best for you. Contact us today!

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