tooth extractions in Manhattan

Extractions in Manhattan

When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary? 

Tooth extractions are necessary for many circumstances, such as a tooth being in poor condition due to extensive tooth decay that has been left untreated. While we always do everything we can to explore restorative options that can save your tooth without resorting to extraction, teeth cannot always be saved. 

Impacted wisdom teeth are another common reason a patient may need an extraction. There is often inadequate jaw space for these teeth to erupt in proper alignment with your other teeth. 

Often, if you do not have your wisdom teeth removed, it will result in pain, infection, impaction, and tooth decay. Other reasons for extraction include overcrowding, creating more space for orthodontics, gum disease, and damage from dental trauma. Contact us at Blue Line Dental in Manhattan today to schedule a consultation with Manhattan dentist Dr. Steven Chavez.

Types of Extractions We Provide

Basic Extraction

A basic extraction is a straightforward process of tooth removal for teeth that are visible in the mouth (above the gum line). After numbing your mouth, we will loosen the tooth in the socket with a dental elevator and grab a firm hold of it with forceps to remove it.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth and teeth that have been fractured below the gum line will need surgical intervention to reveal access to the tooth. A local anesthetic will be used and typically additional sedation is also offered. If you receive general anesthesia, you will be unconscious for the procedure. 

After making an incision into the gums, our Manhattan team may or may not need to remove additional bone to gain access to the tooth. The tooth is also usually sectioned into smaller fragments for easier removal, but the loosening and removal process is the same as a basic extraction (loosened with an elevator and removed with forceps). We will then suture your gums.

Post-Extraction Aftercare & Recovery

After having a tooth pulled, you can expect minor bleeding, tenderness, and swelling. The bulk of healing will take place in the first week. You will need to prevent your blood clot from dislodging, as this can cause dry socket, which is very painful. 

To prevent dry socket, avoid all forms of suction for the first 24 hours, do not smoke or exercise, and do not rinse your mouth or spit for the first 24 hours. Anti-inflammatory pain medication can be used to relieve tenderness as needed. 

Swelling will peak 2-3 days after the extraction, but you should apply a cold pack to the area for about 20 minutes off and on in the first 24 hours. After this, ice will not have much effect. Immediately after your extraction from our Manhattan practice, some gauze will be placed at the extraction site to stop the bleeding and form a blood clot. 

Bite down on these for about 30 minutes and then change them with new dampened gauze if you are still bleeding. An alternative to gauze for continual bleeding is a wet caffeinated tea bag that contains tannic acid. This will help encourage blood clotting. 

Stick to a diet of soft foods for the first week. Avoid hard, chewy, and sticky foods, and do not chew at the extraction site. After the first 24 hours, you can rinse your mouth with a saline solution and brush and floss your teeth. 

In the first 24 hours, avoid alcohol, hot food and drinks, and spicy food. Stay well hydrated and make sure you are getting all your nutrients from your food. Chew on the opposite side of your mouth and don’t brush at the extraction site until it is fully healed.

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