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Restorative Dentistry

Welcome to Blue Line Dental! We’re proud to offer a variety of restorative dental procedures to help you repair and replace missing and damaged teeth for a confident, healthy smile. 

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Solution for Complex Dental Issues

At Blue Line Dental, we understand that severe oral health problems can seriously impact your daily life. That’s why we offer full-mouth rehabilitation – a comprehensive solution to help restore your oral health, function and confidence.

Full-mouth rehabilitation, also known as full-mouth reconstruction, is a comprehensive dental procedure that aims to restore and rebuild multiple, or all, of a person’s teeth. It addresses severe oral health issues, such as extensive tooth decay, trauma, gum disease, or wear and tear.

During full-mouth rehabilitation, a customized treatment plan is created for each individual, considering their specific dental needs and goals. The procedure typically involves a combination of restorative treatments, such as dental implants, crowns, bridges, root canal therapy, periodontal treatments, and orthodontics. The goal is to improve both the function and aesthetics of the mouth, ensuring optimal oral health and a natural-looking smile.

Full-mouth rehabilitation procedures may be recommended for patients who have significant oral health issues that cannot be addressed with individual treatments alone. It is ideal for individuals requiring extensive dental work in the upper and lower jaws. Full-mouth rehabilitation may involve rebuilding, replacing, or restoring teeth to optimal form and function.

It is important to note that a full-mouth rehabilitation procedure is highly personalized, and the specific treatments and sequence of procedures may vary depending on the individual’s needs, which is why we work with you to assess your oral health and provide a tailored treatment plan.

With Blue Line Dental, you have access to expert dental care in Manhattan, heavily personalized to your preferences and schedule.


Common Restorative Procedures Associated With Full-Mouth Rehabilitation 

Common restorative procedures include, but are not limited to:

Root Canal Therapy

If you have an infected tooth, root canal therapy can help you save it. We’ll remove the infected parts of the tooth and fill it with a special dental material to prevent further infection and restore the tooth to its natural function.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges can help restore the functionality of damaged teeth, offer protection, and improve your smile. We’ll prepare the tooth, take a mold, and create a crown or bridge that matches the color of your teeth and blends in naturally.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a long-lasting solution for replacing missing teeth. Our team will surgically place a titanium post into your jawbone to act as a tooth root and then cap it with a crown or bridge.

Tooth Extractions

If a tooth is beyond repair, we’ll discuss tooth extraction as an option. We perform extractions as gently and comfortably as possible and offer options to replace the missing tooth.


If you’re missing multiple teeth, dentures might be a good solution. We offer both full and partial dentures – we’ll work with you to determine which option is best for you.

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Case Study

This patient presented with missing teeth and failing older amalgam restorations. The patient wanted to have beautiful white teeth. We spent several appointments restoring her teeth to their former selves. Just look at these results:




Trust Your Smile to the Expert Team at Blue Line Dental

Our restorative dental procedures in NYC prioritize your comfort, safety, and satisfaction. Dental issues can be stressful, so our compassionate team provides personalized care using the latest techniques, materials, and technology.

At Blue Line Dental, we don’t just repair and replace teeth – we take a whole-mouth approach to ensure your dental health for years to come. Schedule an appointment for your full-mouth rehabilitation needs.


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