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How To Reduce Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening – Our Top Tips And Advice

Teeth whitening in Manhattan is a great way to transform your smile. But after your treatment, your teeth may be sensitive and tender for a few days. This is normal, and will go away pretty quickly after your teeth whitening treatment. But whether you’ve recently had your teeth whitened at Blue Line Dental or you’re […]

How Is Botox Used In Dentistry?

The cosmetic benefits of Botox aren’t so much a secret, but Botox didn’t start as a purely cosmetic procedure. The aesthetic benefits of Botox were discovered accidentally and became FDA-approved for cosmetic use in 2002, over a decade after it was initially approved to treat eye muscle disorders.  In recent years, Botox has expanded in […]

Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary

Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary One year just BLUE by — and whew, what a year it was! Dr. Chavez opened his practice during the pandemic, which was no small feat, and with the help of his fantastic team, he has created a successful, growing, family dental practice. While it may look like many other […]